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Dermatologic System


The dermo-cosmetic strategy for beautiful skin

Now, the breakthrough has been made – SYSTÈME DERMATOLOGIQUE. The foundation stone for development of this incredible systematic care programme was MARIA GALLAND’s entire knowledge of the skin and its functions, how it changes during the ageing process, and its specific problems. Based on these expertise, as with a doctor, formulas were developed that respond systematically and on-target to the various skin problems. With truly sensational results!

SYSTÈME DERMATOLOGIQUE can accomplish the most varied of cosmetic goals:

  • Preventive care to maintain the skin’s functions
  • Regeneration of the upper skin layers
  • Long-lasting activation of the skin’s functions
  • Refinement of the skin’s structure
  • Reduction of pigmentation problems
  • Normalisation of blemished skin
  • Strengthening of sensitive skin
  • Aid for irritated skin
  • An anti-ageing effect
  • Breaking down of oxidative stress
  • Accompanying pre- and follow-up treatment for surgical lifting
  • Tightening of the skin tissue



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