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Formulated for Arab, Asian and African Skins! Skin Lightening, Scar repair, Stretch mark and Acne suitable for all Skin Types.

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PHARMACLINIX range is the brand Leader for Hyper-Pigmentation & Scarring Problems, addressing even the most challenging skin conditions! Recommended by over 1,000 Cosmetic Dermatologists worldwide. Professional Pharmaclinix Products are available on request for Dermatologist and Professional Skin Care Persons!

Pharmaclinix understands the complex nature of Asian and darker skin tones. and understands that Asian skin with larger sebaceous glands, thicker epidermis and larger melanin cells compared to Caucasian skin – is easily darkened by the sun. Asian skin wrinkles less but ages with pigmentation around the eyes, forehead and cheeks. Acne is also a particular problem for Asian skin – and if not dealt with properly visible scarring and darker pigmented areas can cover the face. Pharmaclinix advanced pharmaceuticals is the answer to problems specific to Asian, Arabic and darker skin tones. The high strength complex formulation can
penetrate the denser skin layers making them for effective in the targeted area.


Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals, has been formulated by Award-winning chemists to treat Asian, Arabic & darker skin tones (Skin types 3-5). Due to its proven efficacy & recommendations by leading Dermatologists, the Pharmaclinix® range is now used by several members of the Middle East Royal families & Bollywood stars. They are high strength complex formulations, incorporated in a special Nano-liposomal delivery system, which can penetrate the denser skin layers, making them more effective in the targeted area. Premium Series for complete skin care. Silver Series the affordable range for key problems

Pharmaclinix® Products are extensively tested & produced by Pharmaclinix® Ltd, UK.


  • Improve the health & appearance of all skin types, particularly the Asian & darker skin tones, which are prone to more severe reactions.
  • To prevent & correct skin blemishes, leaving you with a clearer & fairer complexion.
  • Set the highest standard in the professional skincare.


  • Provide advanced skin care backed by evidence-based formulations, which address specific skin problems.
  • Provide complete skin care solutions through Aesthetic professionals.
  • Provide optimum results using specific regimes, both in-clinic & follow-up home procedures.
  • Provide professional protocols & training to enhance the practice of all skincare specialists.
  • Use pharmaceutical grade active ingredients, with peer-reviewed clinical studies to back the efficacy.
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